Best Survival Skills Books

Top 5 Best Survival Skills Books

When it comes to survival, having time-tested knowledge and wisdom on hand is crucial. However, with so many books out there, it can be difficult finding the best book to learn survival skills that suits your needs and experience level.

Survival skills books offer practical guidance and techniques for handling emergency situations effectively. Covering topics from wilderness survival to urban preparedness, they can teach you the essential skills and knowledge you need to not only survive but thrive in any environment.

Here we look at five of the best survival skills books.

Survival MD

Survival MD is a 206 page guidebook that has the uniqueness of being the only survival book available written by a real doctor. Authored by Dr. Radu Scurtu, a seasoned medical professional with expertise in emergency medicine, Survival MD offers practical advice and step-by-step instructions on handling a wide range of health-related emergencies in severe environments or when access to a doctor isn’t possible.

The book covers many survival topics, including first aid techniques, wound management, basic surgical procedures, herbal remedies, and disease prevention strategies. With clear explanations and easy-to-follow instructions, Survival MD is a beginner-friendly guide to becoming more self-reliant and confident in dealing with medical emergencies effectively.

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a prepper, or simply someone looking to boost your preparedness skills, Survival MD provides the vital knowledge needed to safeguard yourself and your loved ones during times of crisis. It’s a book we recommend for anyone seeking to be better prepared for life’s unexpected challenges.

Survival MD Book

The Lost Frontier Handbook

The Lost Frontier Handbook by Suzanne Sherman is geared towards those interested in learning wilderness survival skills and how to brave the perils of the lost frontier with confidence. This in-depth 298 page book resurrects the forgotten skills that were once second nature to our forefathers, providing a glimpse into a time when self-reliance and resourcefulness were paramount for survival.

From shelter construction to navigation skills to time-honored methods of foraging and hunting, the book reconnects us with our roots, equipping modern adventurers with the timeless wisdom of our ancestors. It caters to both beginners and experienced survivalists, providing valuable insights and tips to help you prepare for any situation.

By exploring different survival techniques, readers can gain confidence in their ability to handle emergencies and explore the untamed realms head-on. Whether you’re planning a wilderness adventure or just want to be prepared for the unexpected, The Lost Frontier Handbook is just the ticket for building a strong survival mindset.

The Lost Frontier Handbook

The Lost SuperFoods

The Lost SuperFoods Book by Art Rude is a popular survival cookbook comprising 270 pages containing over 126 survival food recipes. This book unveils the forgotten survival foods that most people aren’t aware of. Unlike conventional survival guides that may rely solely on canned goods or freeze-dried meals, this book introduces you to a wide range of wild edibles, foraged greens, and unconventional protein sources.

Each food recipe features step-by-step instructions and color illustrated photos to guide you through the preparation process, ensuring that even those with limited culinary experience can successfully recreate these long-lasting superfoods.

What makes The Lost Book of Superfoods unique is its focus on lesser-known, yet highly nutritious foods that can sustain people during times of crisis. From foraging tips to creative recipes using rare ingredients, the book offers practical solutions for obtaining and preparing survival foods. It also covers adaptability and improvisation. Understanding that resources may be limited in survival situations, the book provides practical tips and substitutions for ingredients, allowing people to make the most of what they have on hand.

The Lost SuperFoods Book

The Home Doctor – Practical Medicine for Every Household

The Home Doctor is a 304 page self-help guide written by Dr. Maybell Nieves, Rodrigo Alterio and Claude Davis. It gives you the knowledge and skills necessary to handle common health issues within the comfort of your own home when a doctor isn’t readily available. It contains step-by-step instructions on do-it-yourself medical procedures and provides essential insights into necessary medical supplies required in a range of emergency scenarios.

With clear and detailed explanations and large color photos, The Home Doctor Book gives you the ability to address a myriad of health concerns promptly and effectively. From minor cuts and burns to managing fevers and administering basic first aid, this book has all the basics covered. By understanding the fundamentals of home healthcare, you can gain confidence in your ability to respond to emergencies and provide immediate care when needed.

The book is aimed towards beginners who require a basic practical guide. Note that the book’s disclaimer says this isn’t a medical guide to treat or cure you. It was written to give you the knowledge to prepare you for worst case scenarios such as an Apocalypse or when an emergency arises where you can’t get medical assistance. Therefore, we recommend purchasing the physical book so you have it readily available.

The Home Doctor

The Homesteader’s Handbook

The Homesteader’s Handbook was written as a back to basics guide for anyone thinking of venturing into homesteading or those who have already started their homestead lifestyle and want to gain additional knowledge.

The book’s authors Tim and Amber Bradshaw are seasoned homesteaders with a wealth of experience in sustainable living. Hailing from a long line of farmers, they have cultivated a passion for homesteading from a young age. Growing up amidst the rolling hills and fertile fields of their family farm, Tim and Amber developed a profound appreciation for the land and the traditional practices that sustain it.

Divided into 8 main chapters, the handbook covers essential topics such as how to find the perfect homestead, gardening techniques, animal husbandry, and sustainable living practices. The book not only offers practical tips but also a philosophy—a way of life that celebrates simplicity, sustainability, and self-reliance.

Through practical advice and real-life examples, The Homesteader’s Handbook gives you the knowledge and insight to live more self-sufficiently while respecting the land. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned homesteader, this is a great book to have in your toolkit for navigating the challenges and rewards of homesteading.

The Homesteader's Handbook