The Beta Switch Review

The Beta Switch Review: Does the Beta Switch Diet Plan Increase Female Fat Loss?

Do women have a more difficult time losing weight than men do? Yes, they do. And it’s all because of biology and the differences between males and females.

The biggest reason for the weight loss difference is that most men have more muscle mass than women. More muscle mass equals a faster resting metabolism. A faster resting metabolism means the body burns fat at a faster rate. Women are also genetically predisposed to retaining fat in specific areas in preparation for pregnancy.

Aside from weight training, can a woman defeat these biological roadblocks? According to The Beta Switch, the answer is yes.

Weight Loss Specifically for Women

The Beta SwitchThe Beta Switch is a 12-week fitness and nutrition fat loss plan created specifically for the female body. Plan creator Sue Heintze claims the plan uses exercise and diet to affect the female hormonal system. In short, it targets problem areas where most women have a problem with fat. This is usually in the stomach, thigh, and butt area. Heintze is an Australian fitness and body building professional. She is a competitor in bodybuilding figure competitions, so you might want to learn more about her.

The Alpha Receptor Connection

Resting metabolism is regulated by two types of adrenoreceptors – alpha and beta. Alpha receptors prevent the body from using fat as energy. Beta receptors allow the body to burn fat as energy. This is a simplified explanation for the purposes of this review, but you’re encouraged to do your own research.

As you’ve probably guessed, a woman’s body has more alpha receptors than a man’s body. These alpha receptors are activated by high insulin, high estrogen, leptin and thyroid hormone levels. The Beta Switch claims to reverse this by activating beta receptors in the female body. It is supposed to increase the beta receptors in fat cells so the body will release more fat to burn for energy. In other words, this diet plan acts as a “beta switch.”

The verdict on the accuracy of these claims is still out. Some dieters say they used the plan and experienced significant fat loss. Others say they tried the plan and experienced slight fat loss, but nothing major. It is important to note that no one reported any negative side effects such as sickness or feeling deprived of food.

The Program

The program is instantly available for download after purchase. You get the Beta Switch guide and all you need to get started. The Beta Switch diet plan PDF can be viewed on any device with a PDF viewer. You can also print the information if you want a physical copy.

The heart of this plan is included in the main manual. It is a 117-page e-book in PDF format that explains more about alpha and beta receptors and how they figure into the plan. This guide also includes a list of foods and diet plans to help regulate hormones that impact the beta receptors. Several recipes are provided to take the guesswork out of preparing daily meals.

The plan comes with an exercise guide, and Heintze says the exercises are an important part of achieving optimal fat loss. She says it’s possible to lose fat without the exercises but fat loss will be minimal. Exercising increases your metabolism and makes burning fat much easier. Even if you don’t do the suggested exercises it will help to do some sort of physical activity.

One complaint about the exercises is gym equipment is required for most of them. Many people prefer workouts they can do at home with minimal equipment. If you fall into this category, then you will need to find alternative exercises. But if you do decide to visit the gym, Heintze has a video that shows you how to properly use the equipment and do the exercises.

In addition to the Beta Switch manual and exercise guide, you get the following:

  • Supplement Guide
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Diet Tracker
  • Workout Sheets
  • Success Tracker
  • Exercise Execution Guide
  • Women Success Stories
  • Workout Tracker Sheets

The Beta Switch Bundle

It’s important to note some dieters found the information overwhelming. Heintze put a lot into explaining the science behind the diet. This might be overwhelming for some, but it’s done to make following the plan as easy as possible.

Does it Work?

Beta Switch reviews by dieters who tried the plan show a combination of positive and negative comments. You have to decide if the plan is the right choice for you. No one can guarantee results with this weight loss program or any program. Your results with the Beta Switch might differ from other women. If you follow the plan as instructed, you should be able to achieve fat loss.

Where To Buy The Beta Switch

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