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All You Need to Know About Text Chemistry

In the dating world, it’s all about chemistry. Without a special chemistry between two people there can be no meaningful relationship. Before you start thinking about sexual chemistry, however, you need to understand and master text chemistry. Modern relationships rely heavily on constantly texting each other, and if you’re not good at it, you might lose the chance of hooking up with a great guy.

No matter if you’ve just met this guy in the real world or on Tinder, the get to know each other phase of the relationship will be done mostly via text messages. If you often feel stuck and don’t know how to answer a message you just received, this book might be exactly what you need.

What is Text Chemistry?

Text Chemistry is a book written by psychology expert and relationship coach Amy North, and she promises that using her simple method you’ll become a messaging pro. Her e-book - described as the complete guide on how to text men - came out in 2019. Since then she added a series of video guides, and three other books to the package, all dedicated to teaching you how to make a man literally obsessed with you.

Who is Text Chemistry addressed to?

The book is written for every woman looking for the man of her dreams. It’s not just for young women, as those in their 50s or 60s can learn some tricks from it.

The book and the video guides are meant to help women stuck in a relationship with a guy who refuses to commit, just as it is dedicated to women whose relationship has grown cold. Or for those going through a painful break-up. You want that guy back? All you have to do, says Amy North, is send him some very carefully scripted text messages to have him begging for another chance.

The book is not meant for those currently in a happy relationship, but who knows when that may change?

How does Text Chemistry work?

Amy North claims to have studied love and relationships for 10 years before writing this texting guide. The book is based on a profound understanding of male psychology. What makes them tickle?

There are basically three stages to making a guy fall for you completely. And forever, Amy says.

Get his attention - This refers to the early stages in the relationship. If you’ve just met this guy on Tinder, those first few messages are crucial to getting his attention. Text Chemistry explains the Dos and Don'ts in this stage.

Get him hooked - Amy North says that her book will help you use the same techniques Hollywood guys use to keep you on the edge of your seat. In order to do that you’ll have to use what she calls psychological triggers or attention hooks. Pepper your messages with cliffhangers, to make the guy want to know more about you.

These attention hooks tap directly into the man’s brain, forcing him to pay attention to you. The idea is that the more he thinks about you, the more infatuated he will become, and he’ll be fantasizing about you all day long.

Get him obsessed - According to Amy North, the more he fantasizes about you, the more passionate he’ll be. You’ll feel great and so will he. This creates a sort of positive feedback loop, turning his interest in you into a genuine obsession.

Amy North says that her book is easy to understand and full of practical examples. It includes hundreds of those attention hooks and other tricks you can use so he won’t ever ignore your messages. What the book doesn’t say is what happens if two women use the same tricks on the same men!

Where To Find Out More?

You can find out more about Text Chemistry via the official website.