Top 5 Weight Loss Programs for Women

Women often struggle with weight loss. The female body clings to fat because of certain hormones and the ability for childbearing. Metabolism plays a role, as men tend to have faster metabolism because of increased muscle mass. In spite of these setbacks, weight loss programs for women make it easier to shed fat and drop pounds. Here are five weight loss programs often recommended for women.

1. Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem was founded in 1972 by Harold Katz. It is a weight loss program that provides prepackaged foods for a 4-week period. It is suited for people who dislike worrying about what to cook. People who don’t want to count calories or wonder if they are eating the correct portion sizes might like the program. Nutrisystem eliminates the stress by providing the prepackaged meals.

In this program, most of the food you eat comes from Nutrisystem meals shipped to your home. During the duration of the plan you receive meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Fruits and vegetables are not included, so you must buy those from a local store. Keep in mind you pay for the Nutrisystem meals on top of buying fruits and vegetables.

This program is not recommended for pregnant women, people with kidney disease, anyone who follows a special diet for medical reasons, and people with certain food allergies.

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2. The Venus Factor

Fitness and nutrition expert John Barban created the Venus Factor diet in 2014. The diet makes use of the Leptin hormone, which is a hormone produced in the body’s fat stores. You should know a bit about the hormone before considering this diet.

Leptin was discovered in 1994. Researchers discovered the hormone affects appetite, metabolism, and hunger. When Leptin levels are high, the brain signals your body to stop eating. This is why some people refer to the hormone as an appetite suppressant. When Leptin levels are low, you feel hungry and crave food. A person with Leptin resistance will overeat and not know when they are full. Now you know about Leptin, but what about the Venus Diet?

The diet is a 12-week program designed to rebalance your Leptin levels. This is accomplished by taking your height, age, weight, body type, and fitness level into account. Using this information, you are able to create a plan that tells you the best foods to balance your Leptin and prevent Leptin resistance. The science behind this diet is still debated, but some women have reported success.

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3. The Mayo Clinic Diet

The official Mayo Clinic Diet is a response to a fad diet of the same name. Medical professionals at the clinic developed the official diet as a viable and healthy option for people seeking sustainable weight loss. When doing research, keep in mind there are two diets with the same name – but one is official and endorsed by the clinic and the other is unofficial.

The official Mayo Clinic diet focuses on long-term healthy eating habits and sustainable weight loss. It claims you can lose between 6 to 10 pounds in two weeks. This depends upon how closely you follow the diet, so you might experience more or less weight loss. You then continue to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week until you reach your weight goal.

The Mayo Clinic has a unique food pyramid that helps you choose the best foods. Using this pyramid, you are able to break bad eating habits and replace them with healthy alternatives. You will find that the pyramid focuses on fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

The unofficial Mayo Clinic Diet is not developed or endorsed by the Mayo Clinic. It is a grapefruit diet low in carbohydrates and high in fat. It also limits consumption of dairy, bread, and fruit.

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4. The Beta Switch

The Beta Switch is a fat loss plan created by Sue Heintze. Her experiences as a fitness and bodybuilding expert encouraged her to study the female body. This is how The Beta Switch 12-week fitness and nutrition plan came about.

At the heart of this plan is the belief that alpha receptors block the body from burning fat. Then there are beta receptors that signal the body to burn fat. The female body has more alpha receptors than beta receptors. This imbalance works against women and makes weight loss difficult.

The Beta Switch relies on certain foods and exercises to activate beta receptors. The result is the body increases its fat burning efficiency. You can research more about adrenoreceptors to learn about alpha and beta receptors.

You can easily download everything you need to start this plan. Your purchase includes a manual, a list of foods that trigger beta receptors, an exercise guide and much more.

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5. Morning Fat Melter

Morning Fat Melter is a weight loss program for women created by Aline Pilani. She is a personal trainer and nutritionist. This diet is a result of information she’s compiled over the last 10 years.

Morning Fat Melter focuses on eating certain foods to increase fat burning. This diet stresses that your ability to lose weight depends on your metabolic rate. According to Pilani, the key to weight loss is a balance between varieties of food that increase metabolism. The program provides information on how metabolic changes increase the body’s ability to burn fat. You also receive information on how increasing your protein intake causes your body to burn more calories.

Your body fat, your health, and your age play a role. Also for this diet, you must eat the suggested food. The Morning Fat Melter is a 30 day plan, and you receive a 30 day meal plan with a list of ingredients and cooking instructions.

The Morning Fat Melter claims you will lose pounds while you sleep. Based on user comments, this claim is not substantiated. You body can burn fat while you sleep. But sleeping away several pounds within 30 days is a contested claim. Keep that in mind when deciding if this diet is right for you.

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Women and Weight Loss

No weight loss plan or diet works the same for everyone. Some people experience significant weight loss while others experience the exact opposite. Many different factors can affect the success or failure of a weight loss program or diet. In any case, the weight loss programs for women mentioned here are worth your consideration.