Total Wellness Cleanse Review

The Total Wellness Cleanse Review: Learning To Eat, The Healthy Way

Many times, the hardest part about treating an addiction is knowing what you are addicted to and acknowledging that you need help. It isn’t an easy task and sometimes, can go on for years without being treated developing into a serious problem.

The problems of sugar addictions, in particular, are on a high rise. With over a million people addicted to sugar, it’s shocking knowing how so many people don’t acknowledge it, let alone know how to treat it. Sugar addictions can present themselves in some ways including sudden cravings for a particular food, feeling of extreme lethargy unless given particular food and sometimes even showing withdrawal symptoms linked to being kept away from sugar. A sugar addiction is not only harmful to your body but is also extremely damaging to the physical and mental state of the person.

Sugar cravings can lead to some serious problems like obesity and heart malfunctions. On an everyday basis, this food addiction is also the cause of fatigue and weakness. It’s time we learn to embrace the issue and start fighting against the problem

Fortunately, there is a solution to combat this addiction. A sugar addiction can be tackled through following an incredibly detailed and efficient program designed and written by Yuri Elkaim who had addressed a sugar addiction before and knew what it was like to experience it.

What Is Total Wellness Cleanse

Total Wellness CleanseThe Total Wellness Cleanse is a program specially designed to detoxify the system leaving you healthier and more active in just fourteen days! Including a step by step process that guides you through your journey of detoxifying your system, the program will revolutionize the way you look at food and life.

The Total Wellness Cleanse is meant to help people all over the world combat their problems with sugar. If leading a healthy lifestyle and staying fit is something you are on the lookout for, then The Total Wellness Cleanse diet is for you.

What Do You Get When You Order The Total Wellness Cleanse Program

The program is efficiently divided into seven components each designed to help you overcome your sugar addiction in fourteen days and help work your way to a healthier you.

  1. A compilation of 119 delicious mouth watering recipes: A part of the program is learning to eat healthily. With recipes that are easy to make and incredibly tasty, learning to eat healthily has never been this easy.
  2. 14-Day “Cleanse Phase” Meal Plans and Shopping Lists: This program is step by step in every literal sense of the word. The second component will help you understand your meals and guide you in the process of devising the best meal plan that would suit your needs. In addition, the second book tells you what exactly you need to shop for, and what you need to look out for while buying particular foods.
  3. 8 Weeks of “Maintenance Phase” + Post-Cleanse Meal Plans: What’s the use of going through a fourteen-day period of absolute detoxification and then hopping right back into your old habits? The Total Wellness Cleanse is not only meant to help you detoxify from sugar for a short period but helps you maintain your newly found healthy living solution for a long period of time.
  4. The Cleanse Food Guide: If you are going to work hard towards achieving an ideal you, it is important to understand what you are putting into your system and what is happening to your body through this much-needed phase of detoxification. The Cleanse Food Guide includes vital information on the food you eat and what foods you should avoid.
  5. The Quick Start Guide: Everybody is different. The Total Wellness Cleanse understands this. Depending on your level of activity, current lifestyle and eating habits, the Quick Start Guide will help you understand which of the three cleanses you should choose
  6. Daily Support And Coaching Emails: In addition to the step by step guide, you will also receive regular coaching emails and motivational messages from me. The email will also serve as a reminder of your daily goals and help keep you on the right track.
  7. Invitation to Our Private Facebook Group: Nothing serves as a greater motivation than seeing thousands of people just like you come out of their addiction through the Total Wellness Cleanse program. With this final component of the package, you get access to a private group with users just like you who have and are currently overcoming their food addiction.

Total Wellness Cleanse

The Pros and Cons of Total Wellness Cleanse


  • Effective solution to losing weight
  • Lead a more active lifestyle
  • Improve your immunity
  • Fourteen days to a fitter you!


  • Not for the weak hearted.
  • This program is not meant for people who are content with their unhealthy lifestyle.


The Total Wellness Cleanse has helped numerous people all over combat their sugar addictions and given them a new healthier life. In addition to the seven components, you will also receive free gifts from The Total Wellness Cleanse Program like the Accelerated Weight Loss Strategy Guide to help you quickly shrink that waist and help you look younger and fitter than ever before. You also get the 26 Healthy & Handy 5-Minute Meals and 23 5-Ingredient Meals to ensure you never run out of delicious, healthy recipes.

Where To Buy The Total Wellness Cleanse

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